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Eiffel 2013年9月15日 17時00分
Once I installed this game, AVG popped up with a threat report.. I don't know what it could've detected...
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E1UC1DAT0R 2013年9月20日 19時45分 
i have AVG and well i comes up with that with other games that are safe and so well its fine just AVG being AVG
[TGP]InsaneChaosRealm™ 2013年10月16日 16時23分 
No its pobably just a malware you've had for a while and your laptop/computer has only just recently detected it and you have thought that the game has caused it but i know the game didnt do it because its never happend to me and i have Avast and that anti-virus detects EVERYTHING so if it were infected, i'd soon know about it. Also if it were infected i could still play it >:D because it puts them in a "Sandbox" where it doesn't let it in or out :D
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