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Eliittihemuli 2013年2月13日 6時09分
"Not a Warhammer" doesn't work
Alright let's face it, almost everyone downloaded Dwarfs because of the Killing Floor axe, I do enjoy this game but still wouldn't bother playing it unless it would give something else for Killing Floor.

And the "Not a Warhammer" achievement that gives the axe, doesn't work. I completed the tutorial and then played my first round on Arcade, 15 min, didn't get 40K gold in it though so I played another round on Arcade, 1 hour match and I managed to get few achievements and I got about 160k gold but didn't get the axe achievement, it's bugged, how do I get it now? I really, REALLY wouldn't want to play another 1 hour match.
最近の変更はEliittihemuliが行いました; 2013年2月13日 6時09分
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Täng  [開発者] 2013年2月13日 7時03分 
Hi! This should be fixed now. Please restart Steam to receive the update and post here if it's still not unlocking:
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