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Täng  [開発者] 2012年12月11日 8時59分
GAME CRASH ON LAUNCH: Read before Posting
Is the game exploding in your face when you try to launch it? Here is some things you can try out before posting!

- installing .Net Framework 3.5: http://www.microsoft.com/sv-se/download/details.aspx?id=21

- installing XNA 3.1: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=15163

- Reinstalling the whole game by deleting all local content and lettting Steam re-download everything.

- Restart Steam and/or Right click on Dwarfs, select Properties, go to Local Files and click Verify integrity of Game Cahce.

If you have tried these and it STILL does not work. You can try this:
Right click on Dwarfs on your Steam Library. Go to the Betas tab and select "Safe" in the Dropdown box. Close the box and wait for Steam to finish downloading. This will let you play the game, but you will not be able to get the Not a War hammer achivement. Now go to this forum and make a post, telling us what you have tried, what specs your computer has and if it worked when you selected the "Safe" Beta.

Thanks for helping us out, and we are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
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(C4DS)Sylbane 2012年12月13日 15時46分 
i followed everything to the letter, including the safe setting under beta options, but the same *this program has stopped running* message pops up. as far as my computer specs go:
windows 7
intel i-7 quadcore proc.
16gb of ram
nvidia geoforce gtx 560 ti
[Toad] Dudler  [開発者] 2012年12月13日 16時22分 
sorry we reverted to XNA 3.5 please go into the folder where the game installs on your harddrive. then go into the depends folder and install xna from there. Should work.
(C4DS)Sylbane 2012年12月13日 16時38分 
why thank you now it works
Gabriel 2013年1月5日 10時31分 
I can't make it work. I'm running the full purchased version.
Windows 7 x64
I installed XNA 3.1, Framework 3.5, verified files, deleted local files and reinstalled, it always crashed to that damn doctor watson debugger.
F2P version doesn't work either.
I tried "safe mode", still crashes.


Any ideas? Please help!

EDIT: It was Comodo Firewall.
I had to disable "behavior Blocker".
最近の変更はGabrielが行いました; 2013年1月5日 10時41分
dannyhodge09 2013年2月20日 5時37分 
Mine worked perfectly as soon as Steam updated to the full version (on Linux).
Love the game guys!
loveandroidroms 2013年2月23日 14時10分 
Game lauches just fine on linux mint 13. But once you click on arcade mode then chose what options then it crashes (I.e. normal then 15 min then game sound like it will load but crashes instead).
Captain Quint 2013年3月13日 19時01分 
I get the Kitten! error that states that steam initilization has failed. Please start the game in the Steam Client. I've redownloaded the game, and installed the XNA again, the .NET framework. I can't do the beta thing however, no Beta Tab. Any help for ths Kitten problem?

My Specs are:

i7 - 2.3GHz
Nvidia GTX 660M 2GB
Windows 7
The Anomaly 2013年7月3日 4時57分 
uhhh i use mac do this work for mac
preme 2013年7月17日 0時55分 
Where is the beta tab?
motthew 14 2013年7月18日 16時43分 
Just got the game, and it refuses too work, i haven't tried the beta thing, because i cant find it, did steam get rid of it in an update maybe? and what specs are you specifically looking for?
motthew 14 2013年7月18日 16時57分 
Just found a fix for me.

1. click steam button in upper left of steam
2. click settings
3. click "Account" tab if your not all ready on it
4. now about 2/3 of the way down the window there is a section called "beta participation", under this click "change"
5. then select the drop down box and pick "Steam beta update"
6 . click okay and restart steam

Now steam should update, and hopefully the game works for you now
[TAW] johnsoma 2013年8月18日 14時36分 
Using the demo, but I don't even get the error message, the game just doesn't start. I use a Mac OS X version 10.6.8, and I understand this seems to be a problem with all Mac users.
RickyT 2013年8月20日 10時56分 
Captain Scoresby 2013年9月14日 21時32分 
I'm getting an error on Mac OS X 10.7.5 that I don't have Mono installed. It includes a link to the Mono website, but I'll be honest--I don't know what Mono is, and I can't find a simple "Download" button. It looks like something I would have to compile myself. Maybe I'm just missing the link? But... if the game requires Mono, why isn't it packaged in the download? :/
Captain Scoresby 2013年9月14日 21時40分 
Update: I found the proper link. It was not a straightforward download for someone who doesn't often have to look through many versions of a file and pick between "runtime" and "SDK" and some third option that I don't even remember. Can you package the Mono runtime with the game?
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