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Gamefreak614 2013年12月9日下午2:26
Not a Warhammer! Bug
Unlocked: Oct 27, 2013 12:23pm
Not A War hammer
However I was also supposed to get a weapon in Killing Floor called "Dwarfs?! Axe which I should be able to buy because doing that achievement unlocks it, I have not been able to buy the weapon from the Trader and I even went on the Moonbase level to see if I can unlock it in that way and it did not work. Any tips or advice on what to do about it?
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Vehdrehl 2013年12月10日下午9:31 
I have the exact same issue. Went to the moonbase also. Hopefully this gets resolved 'cause I want that axe!
Gamefreak614 2013年12月13日下午4:54 
Same ; - ; It's so not fair
Vehdrehl 2013年12月13日下午10:20 
I found a way to fix it. Set your profile to public, open up KF and you should be able to get the axe. That's what worked for me. I went to the moonbase just to be sure. Hope this helps. :)
Gamefreak614 2013年12月14日下午7:40 
<3 I'll try it thanks
Vehdrehl 2013年12月14日下午8:23 
No probs. Hope it solves your issue.
Gamefreak614 2013年12月15日上午10:33 
Vehdrehl 2013年12月15日下午5:28 
Haha, don't thank me, thank the people who discovered this workaround. Happy to hear you got it sorted though! :3
PO2_Thorwaldsson  [开发者] 2013年12月20日上午2:41 
Yeah, this is the most common issue with the Axe, Killing Floor can't see if you have the Dwarfs?! Achievement unless your steam profile is set to public.

最后由 PO2_Thorwaldsson 编辑于; 2013年12月20日上午2:42
Vehdrehl 2013年12月20日上午3:51 
Sad but true. Now lets go wreck things with our badass axe!
=CTC= | Onkel Dagobert 2013年12月22日上午6:48 
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