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Daikha Nov 28, 2013 @ 5:56pm
technical problem for achievement need help [solved]
Hi, i discovered this game few month ago when i wanted unlock a weapon in killing floor. On the begining i just play this game for this.. but more i played, more i liked it. So i do all achievement who it is possible to do on the F2P game. And today i see F2P -50%, so i buy it for clean my game with achievement who miss me. But i througt the game F2P will be update in full version, for i can clean them. But in fact i have now 2 game for dwarf (full and F2P)

My problem is this : i buy this game for clean it, but i have 2 different pages for this game (full and f2p). I will probably need do them again in the full game, but that not disturb me. So my question is how can i unlock achievement in the f2p? I do them in the full game then i copy/past the files who manage it? developers can unlock them for me? (i know i can unlock them with a software but i dont want cheat). And i dont want unlock them now before do them in the full game, it should be useless. But I have 91% of completion for all my games, and i can up this if can unlock them.

Thank you if someone know an issue or if developers can do something for me ! (but i cant buy this game again). Like there are 2 forums for this game, i post the same message in the other.

thank you for read me.

[edit] i have remove all files in the reperory of the game (but not folders), and i have remove my save (who was the same from dwarf f2p), i check the game with steam in propriety, and launch the game again, i have got all achievement that i do on the f2p ! so i will try to do a new achievement on the full game, then i remove all files in the repertory of f2p game, i relaunch the f2p and i think i can have my new achievement do in the full game. i try it now !

[edit] bis : i try with "stupid achievement" like that was the faster. I do it in the full game. Then i remove all files and save in the f2p repertory. I launch the f2p then my achievement is unlock ! so i found an issue myself for this problem, i hope that will help other people. (ask me if you have the same problem and you dont understand what do, if you have buy the full game).
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Dwarfs F2P > General Discussions > Topic Details