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Duke Sep 9, 2013 @ 7:33am
Hey I recently thought of a design for Sonic Adventure 3 need criticism plz
I have just moved house and while moving found my old gameboy sp. In it was Sonic Advance, curious I decided to look up the history of Sonic and how the franchise is going on these days. When I did I was rather disheartened to find that people used the franchise as a joke rather than an idol. When I was younger no one made fun of it and it was one of sega's leading franchises. I am sorry if this isn't your expertise but any criticism is greatly appreciated.

The idea I have is a sonic game. Below are the points of the games and how it will work.
Sonic the Hedgehog Adventure : Time Slip (or as I like to call it SHATS)

Good Side: While traveling around Angel Island Sonic & Co discover an abandoned temple with statues dedicated to them. Curious with how a temple built thousands of years ago knew of their existence, they investigate the ruins. They soon discover locked gates that lead to destinations across time and space in their multiverse. They also discover that these worlds are damaged and can be repaired through various methods. By repairing these worlds they repair the temple and discover forgotten memories of another time. In an attempt to rediscover themselves and repair the temple they decide to repair the damaged worlds.

Speed: Sonic & Amy
Power: Knuckles & Tikal
Mecha: Tails (using his plane) & Cream (using Chaos)

Bad Side: Dr Eggman discovers the temple but from another entrance only to find symbols of his ancestry. He evaluates that the gates lead to different destination across reality and that these worlds must hold his family's greatest secrets. In a desperate attempt to rediscover them he enlists the aid of Rouge and Shadow. Promising Rouge any riches they discover be it gold or jewels as long as she serves him faithfully. To Shadow, he offers the chance to save Maria, what other way to save her then by traveling across time and space to her rescue. The duo reluctantly agree to aid Dr Eggman and together they try to solve the puzzle of this once great temple.

Speed: Shadow & Metal Sonic
Power: Rouge & Metal Knuckles
Mecha: Eggman & E# Robot

Rogue Side: The treasure hunters are at it again! Trying to discover treasures beyond their wildest dreams in this forgotten temple. They find a secret entrance to this great and mighty palace and decide to restore it to its former glory in order to find their Paradise among the stars. That or sell the temple for the highest bidder and make their own Paradise.

Speed: Espio the Chameleon & Jet the Hawk
Power: Vector the Crocodile & Wave the Swallow
Mecha: Charmy Bee & Storm the Albatross

A ? story is unlock-able but requires that the others be completed first. Once each story is completed, individual mission appear for each faction's type. Once completed the player will be rewarded with additional costumes for their characters. Once all mission completed a final level is unlocked that is a Boss fight against a great but beautiful monster that is trying to destroy all worlds.

Once the monster is defeated by Sonic and cohorts it is discovered that this temple was built to follow all the sonics across time and space and was based in Mobius. Mobius was a world where sonic fought with freedom fighters against Dr Eggman. The Goddess was corrupted by a dark and evil force, turned into the very same monster that wished the annihilation of the multiverse. It is also revealed that very soon a great cloud of chaotic energy will blanket not only the world of sonic but all worlds of SEGA. It is up to Sonic and his friends to save it. Everyone wishes the temple the best of luck and waves goodbye to it as it begins to fade out of their world. Sonic then turns and runs towards the horizon after the evil doer who wishes destruction. Followed by everyone they all run towards the sun.

The Home-world is very much like the hub in Blinx 2 Masters of Time an Space. Locked Gates surrounded by small shops. By completing missions and side quests, upgrades for the hub world can be acquired. These upgrades expand the temple turning it into a small city with various attractions. Chao gardens, Multiplayer shrines, shops and even theatres. Much like Dark Cloud it is possible for the player to built the temple as he see fit. By placing the stores in different locations as to make a unique hub-world. However, much like Dark Cloud, the player is rewarded for building the hub world in a certain style. The inhabitants must also be unlocked by completing missions. These city-people will offer advice on how they want the city built and the more complete the city is the more clear the advice will be.

Shops will be present in the Hub-world. They will sell acessories for the characters, chaos and even the city. The accessories for characters & chaos will have a visual effect and also affect their parameters. The accessories for the city will be added immediately if possible to the city. These include images, statues and even other such attractions. Music can be bought from the music store, then by going to the options store it is possible to design your own playlist for the game. Therefore allowing players to choose their own favourite music while playing the game. The theatre is much like the theatre in Final Fantasy X, it will show footages unlocked through the game.

Chao Garden;
There will be multiple chaos gardens to acquire however they are all the same. It is up to the player on how to design them. To change the garden one must go the the shrine in the middle of the garden and activate it. A drop down menu should appear asking you in what style you want the garden. Alternate styles can be rewarded to players for completing various mission, side quests or as event rewards.

The VS shrine;
As it says on the tin in a shrine where you go to play VS mode.Once activated it will lead to a room where games are selected. The modes included are races (foot or vehicle), fighting (vehicle or arena), treasure hunt or retro racing. Retro racing is where you and other players compete to finish a 2D level of a sonic game, like those found in sonic rivals. Any character unlocked in the game can be played in VS mode. Characters Parameters become more even in this mode and multiple versions of the same character can be played but they will look different. Some might wear the costumes unlocked. Costumes will have no parameter effect on the character but on their power still.

Online Shrine;
The online shrine is like the VS shrine but with less to offer as not everything can be done over the internet. Updates and even downloadable content can be accessed from this shrine.

Encyclopaedic Library;
This area is a vault of knowledge acquired by the player of the levels and monsters they have fought or completed. In this vault locations of rewards, monster weakness and even layouts of the levels can be found. It is only up to the player to discover them first. It is also a good place to see concept art for levels, characters, monsters and even story boards.

Options Shack;
What it says on the tin, a place to change the options of the game. Simple options can be changed through the pause screen but more complicated ones will be done through this shack.

Other attractions will be around for ascetic purposes so that the hub world doesn't seem so bland. Once completed it should look like a paradise temple on the coast. SOmething like Santorini, white buildings with blue roofs and beautiful sunshine covering the lovely town. Music would be like the music from Chrono Cross to give that feel of the Caribbean.

The worlds will be like the Sonic Adventure 2 levels however they will change depending on the faction and type of your characters. World 1 will be almost similar between Shadow and Sonic albeit visual discrepancies. However World 1 will be drastically different between Tails and Wave. This way models can reused rather then redesigning each level for each character. Simple same objects but different visual effects. Monsters themselves will appear weak and regular at the beginning but as the worlds are repaired they will become more vibrant and difficult. That way making players have a harder time replaying levels. At 25% the world's inhabitants will be bland and weak but at 99% they will be vibrant and strong.

Each Character has their own stats that are quantified using letters (E>S) and will also have costumes. These costumes will affect their powers, parameters and even their voices. Many iconic costumes can be unlocked, Nights, Reala, Sally Acorn and even Bunny Rabbot. Tikal is sweet and cheerful but when wearing the Bunny Rabbot costume she becomes more like Bunny Rabbot. These costumes should be considered new characters during designes but not during gameplay so that level do not need to be designed for every costume.

Chaos can be raised as like the other games but now have another state of being. This state is called Adult-hood, once a chao reaches this state it evolves into a particular creature. The creature's appearance is highly dependent on the chaos stats and achievements. A chaos can evolve in Nights, Space Sonic or even Omachao. When a chao does evolve they perform a special trick/show and disappear into a ball of light. What is left is a chao egg that you can modify using a machine. The machine can only be unlocked after evolving your first chao. The machines will allow you to set the colour, eyes and personality of the chao before it is even born. Chaos can compete in martial arts, races, studies and even the arts. Better teach your chao how to play the trumpet and name him Louie Armstrong for maximum points! There are even side games you can play with your chao to train them. If you fail them nothing is lost but your chaos patience/ endurance bar. If you succeed then their particular stat is increased. It is possible to buy fruits for them to increase their stats. It is also noted that small animal statues can be bought from the shops to bestow your chao animal parts. An accessory can be acquired to stop your chao reaching adulthood. This accessory won't be a visual one unlike the others.

Depending on the console, avatars and themes can be unlocked for the console by playing the game.

Character Costume that can be unlocked will hopefully include the following;
1. Scourge (Alternate shadow costume)
2. Space Sonic (Sonic costume)
3. Bunny Rabbot (Alternate Tikal Costume)
4. Sally Acorn (Alternate Cream Costume)
5. Shard the Metal Sonic (Alternate Metal Sonic costume)
6. Chaos Knuckles
7. Julie-Su (Tikal Costume)
8. Lien-Da (Rouge costume)
9. Dr Ivo Kintobor (Eggman costume)
10. Enerjak (Metal Knuckles costume)
11. E.V.E. (Rouge Costume)

I wanted the archie sonic story be brought close with that of the sega verse so that people who read the comics and the sonic gamers would have something in common. I feel it would also expand the customer base and show gamers a proper retro game. One that not only goes retro in gameplay but in story aswell.

Thank you for reading this long list of things that I think would make a wonderful game and I hope you have a lovely day. I would also appreciate any criticism you have on the game.

Yours Sincerely Eric
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goktug Sep 9, 2013 @ 6:55pm 
WOW pleas submit your ideas to sega !!
goktug Sep 9, 2013 @ 6:55pm 
Shrina Dracis Sep 9, 2013 @ 8:53pm 
wow. i like it! the customizable Chao Garden is a nice touch!
minty^ Sep 9, 2013 @ 9:04pm 
Metal Sonic Sep 10, 2013 @ 12:06pm 
Jason Sep 18, 2013 @ 2:50pm 
sa3 will never happen sad but true im afraid
BIGH1001 Oct 10, 2013 @ 11:07pm 
this was very well thought out. however i dont think that other sonic universes (SATAM, comics) would be mentioned if it was a real game. still good & could maybe use another team. keep thinking
TotHePrOMiseDLaNd Oct 11, 2013 @ 6:35pm 
this is a nice Idea :D like the rest of the comments go work with sega. We need to teach the new gens the old classical feeling
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