steeltooth493 2012년 9월 30일 오전 10시 01분
Single Player Cutscene crashes
I have been experiencing some CTDs druing single palyer cutscenes, particulary during the opening cutscene of the game while playing as Bumblebee. Since the game has an autosave feature I can't continue past that point, and I have tried to load the game multiple times with the same result. Has anyone else been getting these kinds of cutscene crashes and knows how to fix them?
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b.f3000 2012년 9월 30일 오후 9시 28분 
Any details?
steeltooth493 2012년 9월 30일 오후 9시 35분 
Such as?
b.f3000 2012년 10월 2일 오후 7시 41분 
Like what PC you have, and how exactly do you tryed to fix this.
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