steeltooth493 2012年9月30日 10時01分
Single Player Cutscene crashes
I have been experiencing some CTDs druing single palyer cutscenes, particulary during the opening cutscene of the game while playing as Bumblebee. Since the game has an autosave feature I can't continue past that point, and I have tried to load the game multiple times with the same result. Has anyone else been getting these kinds of cutscene crashes and knows how to fix them?
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b.f3000 2012年9月30日 21時28分 
Any details?
steeltooth493 2012年9月30日 21時35分 
Such as?
b.f3000 2012年10月2日 19時41分 
Like what PC you have, and how exactly do you tryed to fix this.
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