Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Zombies
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Full guide for Mob of the Dead
af Jokerlaw
Fully detailed guide on Mob of the Dead for map's basics and storyline....
Achievements in Diner Turned
af Jokerlaw
Hello! I am Jokerlaw and this is my second guide for Black Ops II Zombies, which is about how to obtain all three achievements/trophies in the map Diner Turned of the Revolution map pack....
af prim
Basically, You need patience and some luck with giant robots timing and the random dig piles. This guide WILL NOT EXPLAINS ALL BASIC ITEMS NEITHER ALL THE STEPS like build and upgrade the Staffs, drone, etc. Because there are so many info about it ...
Comment faire le Pack a Punch en TranZit !
af maje. ♛
Comment améliorer vos armes en TranZit ? Methode simple pour les joueurs Zombies francophones !...
Гайд по режиму "Mob of the dead" Alcatraz.
af nikita_nickk
Создана для новичков и может пригодиться опытным игрокам. Автор: Валентин Филипенко и администрация .
Чудесное Оружие В Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Zombies
af 私はロシア語だ
Размягчитель Blundergat Адский бумеранг Ray Gun Mark II Временная бомба Парализатор Посохи Лучевое оружие Бомба-обезьянка...
af prim
This guide explains some hints and a practical way to get 9 perks....
Pop Goes the Weasel Achievement Guide
af ride.the.lightning
Pop Goes the Weasel is the main easter egg in Mob of the Dead. It requires Albert Arlington to be killed by the other players, or have Arlington kill the other players. Game will end after killed by Weasel or killed him. ...
Подробное описание достижений в Black Ops 2-Zombies
af /.ProroK.\
Ranking System Explained & How To Rank Up
af ZoMBiE MaSSaCrE
Here's how I believe the ranking system works and how you can achieve the highest rank Skull with Shotguns. Remember that not everything in this guide is confirmed information. Most info is what I have gained from my experience and others so it might not ...