Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Zombies
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Getting Gud
by Lmaolikeacow
The 5 step guide to being gud and gitting gud....
Weapon Locker
by Jokerlaw
Hey guys! It's Jokerlaw here, and this is my fourth guide for Call of Duty: Black Ops II Zombies. This article is about the Weapon Locker, a unique novelty introduced into Black Ops II....
Town Survival Solo Guide
by bh.Mister
Just a small guide filled strategys, tips, training spots, etc....
Weapons and Attachments
by Jokerlaw
This is a short guide on all the possible attachments for every single weapon in zombies that can be upgraded more than once....
Achievements in Diner Turned
by Jokerlaw
Hello! I am Jokerlaw and this is my second guide for Black Ops II Zombies, which is about how to obtain all three achievements/trophies in the map Diner Turned of the Revolution map pack....
Система рангов Black Ops II - Zombies
by Last Rank│
В этом руководстве я опишу всю систему рангов игры. Руководство пишу впервые, и прошу прощения за возможные ошибки и недочеты....
How to be better in public matches.
by Brave Soldier of Islam
An extremely detailed guide on how to perform optimally in public matches for beginners, which can also apply to solo games....
Indepth Guide for everything about Black Ops II Zombies
by El Shadoll Nephilim
Black Ops II - Zombies Guide: In Depth Gun Guide for all guns in Black Ops II Zombies ...
Подробное описание достижений в Black Ops 2-Zombies
by /.PropheT.\
Гайд по режиму "TranZit" Green Run.
by nikita_nickk