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KWall24 2012年9月28日下午12:22
Seemingly Stuck Keys, only in SCB?
Hey guys. I downloaded the game a few days ago. Played it a few times, and had a blast. However, I tried to play it today, its like my UP and LET keys are stuck. The menu selection keeps scrolling up, and if I can manage to get into the game, he jumps, and then keeps walking left. I can use my arrow keys and control him, but he won't stay still, and keeps going left. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling numerous times, but it still isn't working. The time it started happening, I had an external keyboard into my laptop(since boot) and was going to use that, if it matters. But the error remains even without the external keyboard. Please help.
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d4nny 2012年9月28日下午2:03 
Same here. I would really like them to fix this becuase it looks awesome to play but it's really hard to play becuase I always run to the left.
Farts McGee! 2012年10月1日上午7:01 
Hey same problem. Do you all by any chance have dual monitors or MVP virtualization?
KWall24 2012年10月1日下午12:06 
No dual monitors, whats MVP?
Cbrakasaurus55 2012年10月5日下午5:57 
I have dual monitors, but I'm not sure what MVP virtualization is. Same problem here.
The Eraser 2012年11月10日上午11:36 
I have this too. I dont have dual monitors or MVP virtualization.
cybadave 2013年1月7日上午11:24 
Same issue here - Tried the lug in and plug out the usb keyboard trick from the other stuck key thread.
cybadave 2013年1月21日上午7:39 
Sollution which worked for me: Plugging in a USB gamepad.
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