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SCB Running Slowly
Does the menu and game run very slowly for anyone else?
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briaN 2012年8月29日 15時54分 
sometimes, only becz im running other stuff, just try to turn off some other applications!! msg me back if it helps ?
It runs ridiculously slowly for me. I find playing it on my 8 year old laptop it works at full speed, whereas my 3 month old gaming rig it crawls along. Have found no help online, no amount of restarting or killing processes has helped.
Well, at least I'm not the only one with the issue, I guess. Wonder what causes it.
Same here, can't find any help anywhere :(
I have the same problem, help wanted.
DF 2013年1月21日 14時01分 
Same, help me.
DF 2013年1月21日 14時46分 
Redownload it and it will nearly triple in speed.
It slowed down for me earlier. I was playing with the keyboard, but found the receiver for my Xbox controller. I turned the game off and unplugged the receiver, started the game later because I was board, but didn't turn on the controller. It ran slow, but went back to normal when I plugged the receiver back in.

tl;dr: Ran slow without controller, normal with it. But it ran normal without it in the beginning, so it's probably just a coincidence.
same here, runs slowly

Edit- Runs fine with the controller on :/
最近の変更はCueritoが行いました; 2013年7月8日 20時41分
Xyrax 2013年9月29日 5時26分 
Same here, runs slowly when you don't have a controller plugged in xD
Xyrax 2013年9月30日 6時53分 
could be fixed also if you run as an administrator in win7 , i tried it today and runs normally :)

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