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Rush 2013年1月14日下午5:12
Super Crate Box Windows 8 (the Crashings)
Anyone know of any plans on fixing the flamethrower and 5 minute time limit problems Super Crate Box has on windows 8. (also noticed it has started crashing using the grenade launcher too).
最后由 Rush 编辑于; 2013年1月14日下午5:20
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Notex 2013年1月17日上午1:18 
The problem is that, this game was created within Gamemaker and at the moment. All games compiled from Gamemaker crash in Windows 8. So we will have to wait until they fix Gamemaker and also wait until the developers of Super Crate Box re-compile it in a newest version of Gamemaker.
Rush 2013年1月17日上午5:21 
Well....that sucks.
Stohgee™ 2013年1月17日下午1:54 
There is a way I found that sort of works, if you go to their main website where you can download the non-Steam version of Super Crate Box, you put that .exe and the .dll that come included with the download, and put it in the folder where the Steam version of Super Crate Box is installed. Take the SuperCrateBox.exe that was already there and just rename it so when Steam launches the game, it launches the one you downloaded. Just set compatibility mode to Windows 7 just to be safe, and delete the .sav's (or back them up) and you should be able to play much longer, although it might still crash with multiple enemies killed with the flamethrower.

I just found that it some what helps prevent some crashes. So far, the only crashes I've seen are:

1) Sometimes shooting a Giant Green Guy with a Shotgun blast to the face.
2) Flamethrower to many (and I mean LOTS) of enemies at a time, you can do short bursts still.
3) Using the Laser Rifle and kill over 5 enemies with one blast.

That's all I've found so far, and it works well enough for Windows 8. I managed to get around 67 crates so far on regular.

Hope this, "sorta" helps.
最后由 Stohgee™ 编辑于; 2013年1月17日下午2:29
Rush 2013年1月17日下午2:07 
Thanks. I will have to try that. It is a .rar file it think so I will have to grab something to open it first since i'm runnin on a new compy.
ReaXone 2013年1月21日下午12:57 
Have the same problem, hat this♥♥♥♥♥♥-_-
mcpoggioli 2013年2月7日下午3:55 
How long could it be until they re do the game maker thing?
Rush 2013年2月7日下午8:37 
i'm guessing they won't. A newer more efficient (and windows 8 designed) system is sure to be on the way (or is already available).
If they do, it will be closer to when a majority of gamers are using the windows 8 OS which will prolly be in a year to year and a half.
Sucks but I love windows 8 so I'm just gonna have to live with it.
QM 2013年2月8日下午8:39 
So, still no fix? No tricks to prevent it?
CDanilo25 2013年2月10日上午3:22 
[Sorry for my - bad - English]

This worked for me:

- Go to C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/supercreatebox
- supercratebox.exe --> Right click
- Properties --> Compatibility --> Windows XP Service Pack 3.

Now apply and run from Steam. Enjoy the game :)
Stohgee™ 2013年2月10日上午7:57 
Lol you don't have bad English at all!

Anyway, for some reason this seemed to work for me, havent tested all the weapons though.
Its weird cause I know I did this before and it crashed, and now it doesn't. :S
Rush 2013年2月10日上午11:29 
Awesome. gonna try this as soon as i get home.
Rush 2013年2月10日上午11:34 
and.........still didn't work. :(
Dont use Windows 8, i just fixed your problem
引用自 taittravis
and.........still didn't work. :(
somnolentsurfer 2013年3月15日下午8:11 
The XP compatability here improved it mildiy, but not a whole load. Just tried this for the first time and would love to give it a proper go. Patch would be awsome!
non plus ultra 2013年3月17日下午4:02 
引用自 Headhunter99
Dont use Windows 8, i just fixed your problem
引用自 taittravis
and.........still didn't work. :(
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