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JAMLENOM BACON 2012年12月28日上午10:08
More Levels/Modes
I have played this game alot i got to 106 level 1 played it over and over and level 2 and 3 got bored now.If this game had more levels and modes to play with like multiplayer that would be great,for levels i think they need to be bigger and some harder. thanks for reading:)
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thesuperpig523 2012年12月29日上午3:54 
They'll probably release some DLC when the game gets more popular
JAMLENOM BACON 2012年12月29日上午5:08 
k thx for comment
Würgetreu 2013年1月11日上午7:54 
I doubt this will happen. This is a game like Tetris. It's all about highscores and hence about getting better at the game. Be sure to play it on the higher difficulties.
JAMLENOM BACON 2013年1月11日上午9:31 
right k but i still would like more game modes and STUFF Muhahahahahha
Rush Softly 2013年1月14日下午5:16 
The game is near perfect. Only thing i would add would be a joust style 2 player mode (online of course) where you need to pick up the boxes and whoever makes it to the said number of boxes wins the match.
JAMLENOM BACON 2013年1月15日上午7:50 
nice but i want it to at that and gamemode were you work together
Rush Softly 2013年1月15日上午8:31 
yeah, co-op would work too. You'd have to add a buy-in for extra lives though. each extra life (as long as at least one player is still alive) it would cost x many number of boxes to revive a fallen player. Those costs would increase as you gained more boxes (just to keep the difficulty levels higher).
Harry Jefferson 2013年1月18日上午5:52 
JAMLENOM BACON 2013年1月19日上午1:49 
MABY :()
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