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SteppeKracken 2013年3月15日下午6:23
Favorite/Least Favorite weapons weapons
Share your favorite and least favorite weapons. My fav is the flamethrower, and least fav is the stupid disk gun. I've been killed by that more times than enimies.
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kopiteking92 2013年3月31日上午11:19 
my fav is the revolver and least fav is also the disk gun that thing sucks
BOOMBOT 2013年4月2日上午12:12 
fav is katana an least fav is the mines
Ree Oxx 2013年4月2日下午8:12 
fave is plasma gun least fave is grenade launcher, dang thing doesn't shoot
Badass Calvin 2013年4月9日下午3:15 
fav is the revolver and least is the grenade launcher. The disc gun sucks but at least u can kill people with it.
Universalerror 2013年4月15日上午8:53 
Favorate is the grenade launcher and least favorate is the dual pistols. I have so much fun with the grenade launcher.
Mucho Macho Muchacho 2013年4月15日上午10:18 
Favorite is Revolver least Favorite is the dual pistols- wait no, the pistol that you start out with that has killed me sooo many times. -.-
humbug54 2013年4月20日下午7:51 
revolver and katana for favirotes and my least favirote is the shotgun werent expecting that were ya
Брэакбеат_чанксий 2013年4月21日上午1:52 
So much hate for the Disk Gun :c I love that thing. Least favorite is Katana.
Mucho Macho Muchacho 2013年4月24日上午8:35 
So much hate for the Disk Gun :c I love that thing. Least favorite is Katana.
Yeah... I agree, at least for the disc gun part
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Universalerror 2013年4月24日上午9:23 
The disc gun takes so much 1337 skills. I find it anoying at times but epic at other times.
deathslayer444 2013年4月24日下午12:03 
fave disc gun least favourite revolver
DAC | cazaron 2013年4月24日下午8:29 
revolver/laser rifle...

hate dual pistols.
singarequiem 2013年4月27日上午12:11 
The revolver and the mini gun are my favorite, and my least favorite is disc gun and grenade launcher.
LΣΣRΘY JΣπK!π§ 2013年6月20日上午6:05 
Favs are the disk gun, you can kill TONS of enemies with it if you are careful, and also the katana (la la la, running around with the katana. la la l-oh shoot! -one of the giant guys! Noooo-wait. he is already dead... Go KATANA!) I hate the grenade launcher. if the grenade went straight, and didn't go up, I guess it would be okay, but NOOOO, we cant have people actually surviving in this game, can we?
HSR8blazer 2013年6月30日上午12:05 
Nobody likes the Grenade Launcher and the Disc Gun... personally I love the Grenade Launcher, you can pack a HUGE punch with that if you have timing and aerodynamics down, I also love the revolver, it's so OP, one shot for small guys, 2 shots for big guys, so simple.
My least favorite are the mines, they're so freaking annoying, pretty big cooldown inbetween mines, and I've been forced to jump on enemies so many times. C'mon, atleast through in a PISTOL with it. That's all I have to say.
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