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Travis the Moonstar 2013年1月2日 9時31分
When the demo crashes...
You know you're in for some trouble. At least it's a novel idea. I'd like for it to be upped a little into a tripple A game because it's a good platformer.
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deemen  [開発者] 2013年1月2日 17時27分 
When / how did it crash?
Travis the Moonstar 2013年1月3日 0時39分 
It crashed after I beat the first level. The level complete screen popped up, and then it locked up. I had to control+alt+delete, show desktop because tabbing wasn't working and windows said that the program had an error.
The game took a good 10 seconds to move from the file select screen when I first started the game too. If it's any help I had the mouse hovering over the third slot when I picked up my controller and picked the first slot. Maybe it's a save issue generated from that?

Win 7 64
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