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Day Oct 13, 2013 @ 1:58pm
2 bugs :/
1) I bought "the head" cheat but envy get a strange big cube as a head, see the screenshot

2) in level "Sky Pirate" after the third(?) wave there's an angel, who didn't attack me. Because he had a power shield, I couldn't attack him with Envy. He didn't came near than you can see at the screenshot
my solution:
I had to wait and when he was at this spot seen above and then attack him with the speacial attack from pride but I had always the fear from falling of the ship
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MechaMen  [developer] Oct 13, 2013 @ 8:12pm 
Hey Day,

For #1 it seems like you bought the "box head" cheat for envy as well and have that turned on. This isn't a bug.

For #2 it seems like you found a workaround. AI bugs are very hard to fix so I'm sure it can do some weird things sometimes but most of the time they should chase you. I'll need clearer steps of what you did to make it happen before we can fix it.
Day Oct 14, 2013 @ 7:50am 
hey Dan

for #1: ah, ok, it's a second cheat, which turns her head into a cube. Didn't realize when I bought it (what is the meaning behind this cheat?!)

for #2: clearer steps what I did before... mhh... I think I was almost in the ship cabin but came sometimes on board to spit out an angel overboard from Gluttonys stomach. Always to the left side.
First I thought there's no more angel till I saw him at the right side. I switched to Pride but I could climb the right ladder up and down, but the angel didn't come closer. Also when I went to the left. The angel flew always the same circle around.
I think, I (and you too) can't reproduce it in a more exact way :/

But thanks for your replys :lustbottle:
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