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Riker 13 października 2012 o 16:04
Bad game design
Is it just me, or is this game just veeery poorly designed, and any skill a player might or might not have comes down to basically finding "that one build" (and I really mean "one") that actually has any chance whatsoever of defeating the boss?

I just ended up with 1st Zoltan cruiser. I just quit the game, because the only thing I was doing to the final boss (1st stage) was ioning half (that is, only if all ions managed to hit) of his shields, then him cloaking and recharging, then him occasionally hitting me with a stray rocket and thus, slowly, killing me. Need I add that all the game up to this point with the build I had was ABSURDLY easy?

It's called a difficulty "curve" (for a reason), not a difficulty "wall".

Screw that, I'm out to play a game that actually has some skill-based ways of winning.
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hghwolf, rational. Mostly 13 października 2012 o 16:20 
There is too much luck involved, but not enought that the final boss would be unbeatable with the gear you can get on any given run. There are actually a great number of ways to beat the final boss, someof which never even touch his shield.
Skill in these games amounts to more than twitch aim or such. Knowledge, probability and minimizing risk are important.
PikminGod 13 października 2012 o 16:34 
I wouldn't say "1 Build" but any build with 3+ lasers is always going to win.
moni man 13 października 2012 o 17:59 
Well, I wouldn't say that. I had a hull smasher laser II, burst laser I and II, and an artimus X and the 2nd stage wiped the floor with me. '♥♥♥♥in defense drone.....
Long Bottom Leaf 13 października 2012 o 18:33 
ive beaten the final boss with nothing but 2 burst lazzer mark 1, an ion blast, and a glive beam. took literlay 2 damage to my hull. the trick is to minimize hull damage and spend scrap as little as possible so you can get last minute upgrades and weapons. Having a full, diverse, and upgraded crew is also very importan
Loop Dragonblade 13 października 2012 o 20:38 
I have beaten the game exactly 3 times and used three entirely different builts. First was the zoltan with dual ion and dual pike beams. second was federation cruiser we mark 2 anti ship drone a small bomb and a burst laser mk II. only the third time did I use the Mega laser death strategy. the best part is these are my last three tries after 20 fails so saying skill has nothing to do with it is stupid. You just gatta learn how to make lemonade when FTL throws you some lemons
Riker 14 października 2012 o 4:12 
All of your advice still doesn't address the other thing I mentioned: the rest of the game was absurdly easy. With Zoltan shield, I've rarely received any shield damage, and was even afraid my shield guy wouldn't level up by the time I get to the boss. Then, after killing everything without any problem, the final boss was just like a vertical wall. That's not how difficulty should work in a game, even in a roguelike.
WozZz 14 października 2012 o 5:32 
there are many builds with many different ships that can kill the boss, but there are some that make it rly easy, if your having trouble beating the boss with all biuld exept one i suggest you farm some more and learn a bit more about other builds
mack 14 października 2012 o 5:34 
Riker is right. The game needs better levelling of enemy. A mini-boss or two during the earlier parts of the game wouldn't go astray either. Nor would having events where more than 1 ship comes at you (either at the same time or one after the other). The only real difficulty in the early stages is not blowing your money on crap you don't need and knowing when you should jump away from a fight.
hghwolf, rational. Mostly 14 października 2012 o 6:33 
Zoltan Shield is OP - What else is new ?
The problem was that your ship was a one trick pony Riker. The same strategy does`nt work against every enemy, and there are setups that cannot defeat the Flagship under any circumstance. Ypu either need a way to penetrate his 4 shields(two lasers plus Glaive, three lasers plus halberd, 5+lasers) or to bypass them to hit the shield system (boarding crew,missiles or bombs.). And while a gear check is never a good thing, you can generally throw together SOMETHING that makes the boss beatable.
The Love Doctor 14 października 2012 o 7:55 
I think as long as you play on NORMAL mode, the game is pretty challenging. Although I must say, it doesnt seem that enemies get harder at all, its just that on normal mode they START hard.
Biz 14 października 2012 o 11:55 
the skill is about making the right choices to win often, and there are lots of ways to win.
you may die hundreds of times before you even get good at the game (maybe that means winning almost every time with any ship)
[TMx] GBM 14 października 2012 o 17:16 
Ostatnio edytowany przez: [TMx] GBM; 14 października 2012 o 17:17
Cryten 14 października 2012 o 18:03 
Ive beaten the boss using 3 different builds so far. Ive had a tank heavy stealth ship victory recently that involved a pegasus launcher and beam weaponry. Ive had a Stock standard overwhealm with laser barrage victory as my earliest normal victory. Ive also managed to win one with a engie ship using a combination of Drones, boarding and ion bombs. These 3 variety of normal wins shows you can take on the last boss with different builds.

Remember its a rogue like. Cause losing is fun. Its all in the struggle against the dicebot.
Fuzzylogic 14 października 2012 o 18:10 
ITT babies cry that that the game is too hard. Go back to your baby games. (Call of Duty)
Total_Loon 14 października 2012 o 19:26 
You can win the game with any ship but you need to make sure you get some reseonable weapons and upgrades
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