Floppy Driver 2012년 10월 4일 오후 6시 06분
Upcoming Patches?
Hey, i totally love this game in every concievable way. But, i think it needs more content, more of everything really. Does anyone know what the devs are planning for the future of this game?
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Chairman Meow 2012년 10월 4일 오후 6시 16분 
Nope, The devs moved on to thier next game already.
Floppy Driver 2012년 10월 4일 오후 6시 31분 
That really breaks my heart...
Well can anyone possibly point me to a good mod rescourse then? :O
Crossbow 2012년 10월 4일 오후 6시 33분 
They will release free and paid content.
Chaotic Law 2012년 10월 4일 오후 7시 38분 
...The devs haven't started on another game yet. Their current planning in progress can be found on their GetSatisfaction section, as well as ideas to be considered and such. (https://getsatisfaction.com/ftlgame/ideas/planned) As for mods, they have a section on the game's forum. (http://www.ftlgame.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=10)
Floppy Driver 2012년 10월 4일 오후 7시 40분 
Uhm, well that seems like good news!
Thanks for the links, one of them seems broken though >.>
εq | DDRMANIAC007 2012년 10월 4일 오후 9시 53분 
Remove tthe ) from the first link and it'll work fine.
С Г エ χ 2012년 10월 4일 오후 11시 48분 
I would hope more content is added, it's got fairly good potential, it just needs more, stuff.
Floppy Driver 2012년 10월 5일 오전 8시 15분 
Oh, silly me, of course the delimiters will ♥♥♥♥ up the link, thanks ^^
Athame42 2012년 10월 6일 오전 12시 04분 
Patches nothing, I think it's a great value for $10, and I haven't encountered any bugs at all. Now a DLC, well, I would have to buy that at quickly as my crew die when the sound is turned off.
Olangotang 2012년 10월 6일 오후 12시 52분 
From their FAQ. arrows show update proof:

"What keeps me coming back for more space adventures?

There are already over 25,000 lines of text in the events in the game >>>(and we’re still not done).<<< Many events have secret options that can only be unlocked with special equipment, and most of the events have multiple possible outcomes to keep them fresh. In addition to the events, the huge variety of weapon types and strategies ensures that no game will be the same."
CmdrDon 2012년 10월 6일 오후 12시 52분 
moar races, moar weapons, moar systems, moar events, moar ships, MOAR!!!!!!
lol it has plenty anyway but a game like this can never have too much stuff :p
Aussiedroid 2012년 10월 6일 오후 9시 34분 
I would welcome more content, would really like some different game mode challenges. Something perhaps a bit more open ended .. just gets harder and harder .. but bigger and bigger upgrades and rewards .. if you can survive.
Floppy Driver 2012년 10월 7일 오전 7시 58분 
Well the game could also benefit from som artwork, for me that would really help immersion, A nicer "jump" animation would also be highly appreciated ^^
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