FTL: Faster Than Light

FTL: Faster Than Light

Can anyone give me ship unlock hints? (No spoilers, please)
I have unlocked Kestrel type B and the Engie cruiser A and B. I also somewhat know how to get a crystal thingy. There are some vague hints how to unlock the others on the ship selection, but i was wondering if you guys had some more hints, without giving it all away of course. Thanks!
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without giving too much away...
when selecting sectors, keep an eye out for Homeworld sectors
It's usually the homeworld you should be looking for. Exception are Federation Cruiser (Just beat the boss once) and the Zoltan Cruiser (That seems to happen anywhere...). Hint for Zoltan - hear Zoltan out. And try to be peaceful.
Getting specifics on the unlocks won't necessarily be spoilers due to the extreme randomness of being able to find and complete the scenarios.

You could know everything there is to know about getting an unlock but not have the opportunity in a dozen playthroughs.

I suggest going ahead and looking at the Wiki so you at least have a general idea of what needs to happen for each ship.
Pretty much as above. Homeworld sectors plus selecting blue options. Usually having a diverse crew makeup and having teleporters/medbays upgraded can get you ship unlocks. But it's hard giving you proper 'hints' without spoiling; consult the wiki or not, the choice is yours.

i unlocked a stealth ship yesterday ( first day playin) just by founding plans while helping people :)
And I have a lot of difficulty with getting the Kestral B .. :)
there are sometimes requirements for you to get certain ships (coughcoughmantiscoughcoughsomewhatcrystalcoughengiecoughcoughcough) in certain crew req. or system requirements.
Stealth Cruiser: If it wasn't obvious, you'll need to take an Engi back home.
Mantis Cruiser: Think and play like you're a mantis ship... in their own lands.
Slug Cruiser: Slugs love them some nebulas. You'll need to be able to "see" through them and their tricks to what's really important.
Rock Cruiser: Rock homeworlds are red, and you're going to have to prove your determination to them there.
Zoltan Cruiser: There's no real special requirements, just think diplomatically
Mystery ship: It's the longest, most involved, and needs a lot of things to line up. But if you've found a certain crystal something, that's definitely the first step... and maybe the second, if you've figured that out. From there it's just a matter of finding what you'll know you're looking for...
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