DariusRaider 25 лют 2013 о 3:01pm
[Kickstarter]A more traditional space RPG with FTL-style combat
So I personally am extremely happy with FTL, but a lot people around these and other forums have seemingly wanted a more traditional RPG with the same style of combat. Less permadeath, more open universe ect. ect. Having now ran into a kickstarter that is seemingly offering those things I might as well point it out:


Now a few small thing. As is obvious the combat/ship management is, to put it politely, inspired by FTL. I don´t view this as a bad thing at all, good system is good and more games should try and use it/iterate upon it. Secondly it is being currently developed by only one dude, and I don´t have any clue about this particular person. The pre-alfa footage and all looks good enough to convince me for now, but feel free to do your own research on that.
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Dr. Dino 25 лют 2013 о 6:32pm 
This really should be in Greenlight!! Even if it's in Alpha, it can go to concepts!!

After, of course, approval original FTL makers. - So there will not be "No, this is rip-off" comments.
Nathuram 26 лют 2013 о 3:08am 
Well since the FTL developers have no interest in delivering what the players want then it's only fair that others step in and deliver.
Xdiesp 26 лют 2013 о 9:00am 
It looks like a poor rip-off.

I'll be waiting and see what the FTL devs make with their game, they seem to have gone incognito for the past 6 months lol.
OzFalcon 26 лют 2013 о 1:49pm 
Don't sit and wait.............
Back the new project if your interested.
(Lesson learned from waiting for Elite 4)
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