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DariusRaider 2013年2月25日 15時01分
[Kickstarter]A more traditional space RPG with FTL-style combat
So I personally am extremely happy with FTL, but a lot people around these and other forums have seemingly wanted a more traditional RPG with the same style of combat. Less permadeath, more open universe ect. ect. Having now ran into a kickstarter that is seemingly offering those things I might as well point it out:


Now a few small thing. As is obvious the combat/ship management is, to put it politely, inspired by FTL. I don´t view this as a bad thing at all, good system is good and more games should try and use it/iterate upon it. Secondly it is being currently developed by only one dude, and I don´t have any clue about this particular person. The pre-alfa footage and all looks good enough to convince me for now, but feel free to do your own research on that.
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Dr. Dino 2013年2月25日 18時32分 
This really should be in Greenlight!! Even if it's in Alpha, it can go to concepts!!

After, of course, approval original FTL makers. - So there will not be "No, this is rip-off" comments.
Nathuram 2013年2月26日 3時08分 
Well since the FTL developers have no interest in delivering what the players want then it's only fair that others step in and deliver.
Xdiesp 2013年2月26日 9時00分 
It looks like a poor rip-off.

I'll be waiting and see what the FTL devs make with their game, they seem to have gone incognito for the past 6 months lol.
OzFalcon 2013年2月26日 13時49分 
Don't sit and wait.............
Back the new project if your interested.
(Lesson learned from waiting for Elite 4)
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