Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
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guide for barbe que
by socpens
guide this for cookeing meat in sonic raceing tansforemed...
by [DFS] Green Giant
"Dad, what time is it?" " IT'S TIME TO FLY FAST "...
Setting Up, Troubleshooting, Configuring and Optimizing the Game – Noob & Pro Guide
by BlackLionPT
This guide will help you achieve the best playable experience you can get out of your computer's hardware! Learn the basics on how to configure your controls, how to make your game run faster and smoother on Low/Mid-Range Computers (especially laptops) by...
Boost Stacking and You: How to be 2fastcool
by Sir Hatter
Many guides in this cover basics, but they fail to really put emphasis on the biggest part of this game: Boost stacking. Want to go faster? Get that S rank? This is a good place to learn a couple things....
Unlockable Characters
by [HL] 2-Dimensional
If you enjoy Sonic & Allstars Racing Transformed as much as I did, then you do not want to be limited to just to first few starting character. Using this guide, I will show you how to unlock all of the unlockable characters in the game such as Doctor Eggm...
Time Trials and the Yokozuna Sticker - How to, Demonstrations, and Helpful Advice
by <eVa>Zork Nemesis
Having problems overtaking those pesky Expert Staff ghosts? Looking to improve your time trial skills a bit? Take a look around, i'm sure you'll find some useful tips and pointers....
New Player's Guide
by Shredster VII
This is a guide designed to help new players get into the game and start going fast! I've logged 200+ hours into this game and I'd love to share my knowledge of the game with anyone who will listen....
Things I Wish I Knew When I Started
by Dibzahab
A small list of tips and tricks that every beginner should learn....
Tips and tidbits to help improve your game.
by Xenn
(Please note, this guide is not complete. There are more things to come in the future) To possibly help players out in knowing how the game works, etc, I decided to make this guide to give some useful info on the game and hopefully help you implement i...
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