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Problems with SteelSeries 3GC controller (S0L help appreciated)
Posting this for a friend, actually.

He's trying to play the game with the aforementioned controller, but, once he gets the controller mapped in the config tool, the game just ignores his settings and goes with the default setting.

Which wouldn't be much of an issue, save for said default mapping having the accel button mapped nowhere.

He can't use xpadder nor xboxce, so we're looking for potential fixes, or for S0L to say something on the matter.
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I hate to say this but to avoid any controller issues on the PC platform I would recommend getting the official Xbox360 PC controller. All the PC games that have been released in the past 8 years that have controller support almost always use xinput (specifically created for the Xbox360 controller by Microsoft). You'll never have to worry about controller issues again or mess with silly 3rd party programs like xpadder to get everything configured. Also, if the game supports rumble it will always work. A friend of mine bought a knock-off 360 controller with a usb adapter and his rumble doesn't work in this game but everything else does. So yeah, I'd stay away from knock-off brands and go with the official one from Microsoft.

Legutóbb szerkesztette: Processor; 2013. márc. 11., 11:34
Xpadder should work with it. I think it's a Dinput pad and whilst we've tried to get support working for as many devices as we can, we simply can't promise that every controller out there will work.

It may also be worth with this one making sure the official drivers are installed - though note they were last updated in 2010...

Grab them here...

Legutóbb szerkesztette: S0L; 2013. márc. 11., 11:46
We'll give the drivers and Xpadder a try, then. Thanks!
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