Robert The Hedgehog 2013. márc. 9. @ du. 12:37
MIrrored GP is not here...
so basicly im trying to unlock eggman, i have 124 stars and i have gotten to the point where i need to get ages to move on, great, im not skilled enough to do that yet so ill go get eggman. i played all the GP tornaments on medium, so... where is mirrored GP, do i have to win every race in first?, do i need all the mirrored tracks first?, do i need to beat all the tracks in super star showdown first?(i think i did), someone please tell me what i am doing wrong, im legitimetly stuck here.
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[DFS] Green Giant 2013. márc. 9. @ du. 12:39 
I believe you have to win every GP first.
NiGHTS 2013. márc. 9. @ du. 12:39 
not sure but i think you gotta unlock the mirror track on world tour 1st
Robert The Hedgehog 2013. márc. 9. @ du. 12:43 
thx for the feedback guys, i just read something similar to this and it turns out i need to place first in every even't which i thought i did... guess i messed up somewhere.. back to square one -_- lol
RH Inż. NBlast 2013. márc. 9. @ du. 12:56 
beat All 10 Gps. Then Eggman is yours. (I think that 1-3 place works)
Robert The Hedgehog 2013. márc. 9. @ du. 2:21 
ok i just got it, thx for the help guys :)
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