Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

XJ9 Twilight Sparkle 19 feb 2013, ore 23:38
Flying tips?
Anyone give me any tips of VoDS of them flying to show how to GO FAST while flying? I can't do a lot of the expert levels because I go too slow flying, prob because I don't do any tricks because I don't know how to.
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Marie 20 feb 2013, ore 1:35 
Risk boosts are -very- important in the Expert levels of tracks with flying sections. If you see a solid obstacle that's on course or just off to the side, drive towards it and use a stunt at the last second before you crash into it, and you'll get a boost of speed that's equivalent to a level 1 drift. In tracks like Adder's Lair or Dream Valley, it's possible to almost endlessly risk boost for the whole flying sections. Watching and copying the Expert Staff Ghost for Adder's Lair is extremely helpful for this, since it's right at the start and you can just restart to do it all again for practice.

You can also spam level 1 boosts more often in flying mode via drifting while pulling back in the opposite direction, and using a stunt if you're about to crash. Building up the level 3 drifts when you can is still more important, of course.
Perfikated Soulstress 20 feb 2013, ore 2:35 
I've found that following the best path is more important than level 3 boosts in this game. Ie, sometimes a level 2 or even level 1 boost will be faster than straying off the optimal path for a level 3(this seems to be true for all vehicles). That being said, I've not mastered flying or any part of the game. What Itsuki said about risk boosts is true, it is important, but if you can't stay on track just driving(flying), don't try risk boosts. I suppose the key is to follow the opitmal path, to optimize your drifting and risk boosts. It is a little more challenging flying because you have to not only control the left and right controls but the up and down as well. Also try to do a trick as you transform. You can beat all the world tour(and gp) without risk boosts. The expert time attack ghosts on the other definitely helps.
Marie 20 feb 2013, ore 3:01 
I'm not saying to always try to turn every corner into a level 3 drift boost, of course. Just when you can or when there's an obvious chance to, like the large structures you travel 180 around the outside of such as the two in both flying parts of Sanctuary Falls. Straying off path for even a little bit in Expert levels is practically suicide, but the flying sections tend to have all sorts of corners or little twists, even on 'linear' stages like Carrier Zone due to it curving to the left for a little bit after the transformation ring before shifting right and into the center again, which makes drift boosting quite easy to spam.

Worth noting that even though you don't 'need' the risk boosts against the CPU, in particular you can use them on Adder's Lair (combined with driving well overall) to get a massive lead against even the selected CPU for the round that's pushed to become the winner from the outset. So even if you get spammed with drones or swarms, you have a lot of chances to recover.
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