Neometalaxel 2013年2月13日 8時41分
Transform bug [Funny]
Have you ever seen this bug?
I found it when you restart a race, just after transformed into another vehicle.

Just look at the video below xD
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[DFS] Green Giant 2013年2月13日 8時45分 
Nice find.
Neometalaxel 2013年2月13日 8時46分 
Only works with:

- Amigo
- Gilious
- Joe Musashi
- Shogun
- Nights
- Reala
- Ulala
- Pudding
- Ralph
- Team Fortres
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spoderman 2013年2月13日 9時08分 
Or you could just play in an online race, and randomly get launched across the track in boat form, causing you to not be able to finish.. like what happened to me.
VestedGamr 2013年2月13日 9時15分 
This glitch can potentially effect CPU racers too.
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