Lunick 2013 02 月 12 @ 8:13下午
Did not get achievement for unlocking all characters.
Am I missing something? I unlocked AGES and no achievement. Restarted the game and no achievement.
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Pikawil 2013 02 月 12 @ 8:14下午 
Just play another round and you'll get it.
Lunick 2013 02 月 12 @ 8:15下午 
I have unlocked more stars in Career mode, played a few time trials and single races. It's not being unlocked.
<eVa>Zork Nemesis 2013 02 月 12 @ 8:53下午 
Sure you have everyone? Eggman isn't unlocked in World Tour. You gotta win all GPs to unlock him.
Lunick 2013 02 月 12 @ 8:55下午 
I have 26 characters unlocked. I am positive I have everyone.
Will T.TVR 2013 02 月 12 @ 10:37下午 
That achievement in particular is really strange in how it unlocks for whatever reason. I had to do 2-3 more races after unlocking AGES before I finally got it - try replaying a couple World Tour events maybe? For whatever reason the fact that you unlocked AGES doesn't really "solidify" for the game until after it's been made to do a few other things.
jonbea6 2013 02 月 13 @ 8:01上午 
ive got this aswell... ive played about another 10 events, 26/26 characters unlocked... still no achievement
Lunick 2013 02 月 14 @ 5:02上午 
I don't know if anything changed but I just used the Beta build, did one race and the achievement finally clicked...
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