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Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Collection

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VestedGamr Mar 12, 2013 @ 8:02pm
Similarities to real-life racing
After playing this game for a while, I've begun to notice similarities between this game and IRL racing. There's not too many, but they stand out.

Starting "From a dig": This one is a given. Most IRL racing starts from a dig.

Rolling start: A staple of NASCAR as well as IFMAR's qualification rounds, and also seen with (highly illegal) Ad-Hoc street races on highways. In IRL situations it keeps the strain off the drivetrain and removes the advantage of having AWD.

Boosts: Not really realistic on its own, but the boost powerup behaves like a shot of Nitrous Oxide. NO2 is used in some amateur drag racing classes as well as in underground racing as an oxidizing agent.

First turn pileup: in any form of motorsports where you have a large number of vehicles starting from a dig, this is bound to happen. IFMAR, RC-Pro and club level RC events actually have the worst of these, since the low weight and extreme power of a high-performance RC car makes it easy for the cars to get booted off the track in a collision. The first-turn pileup in S&ASRT often resembles one from CORR or TORC, though in those cases wrecks are caused by rough contact rather than any sort of weapons.

Rough Driving/Hacking: At an amateur level, you'll find this in spades. Rough driving is driving in a manner that makes it dangerous to attempt to pass or block. Hacking in racing in intentionally causing contact to wreck the other drivers. If a driver is refered to as a hack or hacker, then they're known to do this.

Cheating: I'm not pointing at anyone here, first of all. It's surprisingly hard to enforce vehicle related rules in IRL racing. At the RC level, people will put lower-turn staters than the rules allow in electric motor cans and will run extra fuel line to increase run-time in fuel-powered classes. With full-sized cars it's a bit more difficult, but drivers will run fuel additives and class-illegal mod parts if they think they can get away with it. It's like running a mild speed-hack in-game.

Off-track recovery: Surprising, isn't it, but at all levels of RC racing there are people who are actually on the track during a race called corner marshalls. Their job? To re-right cars that have landed upside-down or have managed to get stuck.

Go ahead and suggest some more if you notice any.
Date Posted: Mar 12, 2013 @ 8:02pm
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