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0perator 88 Apr 14, 2014 @ 3:45am
The ending. WTF -- SPOILERS what did you gather from the ending?
So after spending three hours trying to get past the second robot right beofre the boss fight (no i'm not some pro gamer like the rest of the world, i'm average at best, so take your flaming elsewhere.)
spending 3 hours being angry after i was praising the story to my friends.
I FINALLY get to the boss fight, a lot less frustrating and decent i think for a final fight.
I kill the guy, and watch my character go over the edge and disappear forever.
find out the daughter i spent the whole time looking for (which i found a wonderful motivation for the hero to be family oriented.)
i find out the daughter is dead, all the children and women are gone even though we beat them and could easily get them back.

So apperently for the last 1000 years we've been living in ignorance SOMEHOW that the planet is gone? and that there's just these domes. what, did no one ever want to fly around to the other side of the world?
They talk about alien technology, at the end but i cearly see earth markings on objects.
we never find out where this gravity technology came from.
when they talk about the similiar buildings I see "welcome to the kitty lounge" perhaps where he got the term kihtter? myes i think so.

so I keep thinking they're time travelers from OUR future, especially with the roads and the buildings and the cars all looking like earth stuff.

So is there any explanations to any of this on the internet? what are your thoughts on what's going on with this world.
what was that destination the machine mentioned at the end?

and on a side note "man theyre women are ugly" then you see a female lutador and from my point of view, not that bad looking.
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0perator 88 Apr 14, 2014 @ 4:06am 
Well i did find another thread about the ending but i dont think the story was terrible. i felt the ending had a few twists that made me feel the whole journey was poinltessly in vain but, it was a bit understandable.
TheyCallMeDan Apr 14, 2014 @ 12:10pm 
The plot to this game is ripped from a B movie that I would most likely find on the ScyFy channel. That's NOT to say that it isn't a bad story. It's thrilling, fast-paced, and surrounded by mystery. When I began the game I thought I nailed down the background to the Lutadors and where they came from, but eventually when the game introduced the concept of advanced tech, robots, and spacestations it became pretty clear there was a third player in the happening events.

My guess is that mankind had to abandon earth due to a solar catastrophe and mankind was forced to build an 'ark' to transport mankind to a new habitable planet. This ark was designed with biospheres for mankind to live in over this journey. The system was left to automated robotons to mantain stasis.

However, one of the biospheres were damaged, punctured, or ruined thus causing the Lutdaor world to suffer gravitational & weather damage. Over time the Lutadors devolved into the Road Warrior-esqe people they are at the time of the invasion. Perhaps they became aware of their position as just one biosphere among many and decided to expand further to draw upon the manpower and resources they lacked.

If this game was better publicised, sold better, and had a stronger multiplayer they should definitely have tried to expand the series and the story. I was definitely attached to the main protagonist and his friend. Buddy-cop ANYTHING is entertaining to me. The alien aspect would have been really fun to implement as well! It definitley would have reflected the Halo universe's Covenant, Precursors, and Forerunners lore.

Good post! Friend me if you want to play online
0perator 88 Apr 14, 2014 @ 12:19pm 
not to say it isn't bad? lol i think you added too many negatives. but okay, always willing to add friends. :D
0perator 88 Apr 14, 2014 @ 12:21pm 
I LOVED the buddy aspect of the game, LOVED it. two best buds trying to find the man's daughter, i never picked up on the change after the apartment sadly. >_<

my main problem is that you never find out who built the space station or anything close.
but the lutadors being evolved humans makes sense.
that the earth was dieing and it's an arc.
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