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In'Saine *Flicks2Fast4U Jun 1 @ 1:04pm
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Phoenix (yes, another one) Jun 2 @ 8:04pm 
Then you may need to update your account info to log into the game.
In'Saine *Flicks2Fast4U Jun 3 @ 4:11am 
nope, Thx for responding though.
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[Guilty Moon]Byujiin Jun 14 @ 1:12pm 
You have to use the first account you created for WEBZEN and login with this datas, otherwise it says its the second account you want to link.
Omulet Jun 28 @ 9:16am 
i tryed also,to link account,but it keeps saying to change my email,but i don't want to since i use the email for gaming,kinda suks also because i can't even send a tiket to the support,because i can't log in and keeps moving me to update account crap
Erimaki Jun 28 @ 9:29am 
its not about updating the account, my friend already updated his and he still gets the error so please stop sending the c9 forum post where it says how to open the launcher.

Cause my friend did start the launcher only to find all his charakters gone
zachb2008 Aug 23 @ 11:55am 
ok so i got this to, i fixed it by changing my account information i thought my accunt had been hacked but i guess since other people got it then it was just a bug. i hope this helps you guys
by account information i mean username/password
Kon Aug 24 @ 9:36am 
Thanks for the tips, solved my problem
zachb2008 Aug 24 @ 4:17pm 
In'Saine *Flicks2Fast4U Aug 25 @ 5:55am 
Can people stop replying to this xD it's ancient
zachb2008 Aug 25 @ 2:37pm 
Originally posted by Hsa1n3:
Can people stop replying to this xD it's ancient
im sorry :(
NcSmile Sep 6 @ 9:47am 
Linking dont work for me. What do i do?
Jucoo Sep 10 @ 4:15am 
pode ser problema de compatibilidade.. service pack 2 windows xp. o certo é service pack 3 windows xp, pelo menos deu certo aqui no meu, mas apertei pra fazer checkin pelo menos tres vezes. que não estava reconhecendo. agora esta fazendo checkin normal.
In'Saine *Flicks2Fast4U Sep 10 @ 6:35am 
Ok people thats it stop and no spanish people or im gonna delete this xD
zachb2008 Sep 11 @ 1:36pm 
if its old then dlete it you should know that people will still comment
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