Arctic Combat

Arctic Combat

arctic.fang Aug 19, 2013 @ 11:26pm
FPS Game alternatives to AC community
To anyone and everyone who likes to play FPS shooter games. Here is a website that is offering great titles (crysis2, medal of honor, BF3 and different other games) at a very low price for charity. I put in 20 dollars and now I have 7 legit game titles with their serial keys registered.

There is about 8 days left before this charity ends and it is called the Humble Origin Bundle, here the link:

Some of the games go through Origin and there are some games that go though Steam (if you don't have an Origin account) that you could download through and register with.

Please check out the website, this is really a good deal and it is for charity. If anyone wants to fine a good alternative I believe this would be a good choice especially for Big Game titles. Though this isn't free to play and you will have to make a one time payment, but it would be worth the investment.

Here is a news link from gamspot about the humble origin bundle: