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Seiko 2013年10月11日下午12:50
Arctic Combat OFFLINE
I Miss you arctic combat and when webzen are see that we wish that arctic combat comes back online its an great game we liked it allot :D please WEBZEN
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[BATTERY]RainMirror[AC] 2013年10月12日上午2:26 
T,T So sad
Korean Client already downed at 20130214 T.T
SPIDER EYEZ 2013年10月14日上午9:07 
bring it back ! it was fun.
Seiko 2013年10月16日上午1:42 
yess pls i would like play it again every day you have time to 2014 when it dont comes back arctic combat is dead for me start playing playstation 3
ElqueteFoka3 1月31日上午3:02 
Sell the game or reopen please, this game was the best.
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