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LordYukito 2013年3月19日 14時53分
another error for most people who probably have`nt noticed it
so aparently when i turn off my virus scanners and my pc repair and avast the game runs just fine but gives me the graphics card warning and i still run it the game boots up nice and fine i was able to play yesterday up until now before i did a virus check and apparently when i goto select my character the game crashes any reason for this? i have everything turned off
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ROK-Lonewolf 2013年3月19日 14時56分 
If you select the character before texture loaded, sometime it tends to crash. Wait until all of the texture pops up and than select your character and play the game. Few other thing that I can think of is.... First, your virus program deleted some files in Mabinogi while running virus scans. Second, maybe just your graphic driver issue. Try updating your graphic driver up to date.
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