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J.Crew 2012年10月23日下午12:41
Help! Error Code 2001???
Every time I start Combat Arms from Steam it opens the login thing then goes to Error 2001 please close the game and try again!!!
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NeKsis 2012年10月23日下午12:55 
Do you know how to get guns and mods on Combat Arms
dwayne_owen2001 2012年10月23日下午1:01 
no i can get some thing going but do not no how to get thim all going yeat gust got the up and running so if u have some good things i can do or to help i can a c want u have tro offer
Merfyy 2012年10月23日下午1:16 
It's doing the same exact thing to me. :I
Maybe they're doing some sort of maintenance? That's all I can think.
Whatever the problem, it better be fixed SOON!
tabascokev 2012年10月23日下午1:22 
this sux 2001 was 2 b the end of the world now its a total server crash
iBlox 2012年10月23日下午1:31 
I want to play combat arms >:(
[LEO] Jedi livinlarge123 2012年10月23日下午2:03 
I tried to re-install game and error 2001 came up for me too...
.. 2012年10月23日下午2:09 
WHY Does It do this
.. 2012年10月23日下午2:10 
引用自 livinlarge123
I tried to re-install game and error 2001 came up for me too...
[LEO] Jedi livinlarge123 2012年10月23日下午2:15 
引用自 lambie45
WHY Does It do this
I don't know it possibly could have been Nexon updated the game and an error occured.
最后由 [LEO] Jedi livinlarge123 编辑于; 2012年10月23日下午2:15
[LEO] Jedi livinlarge123 2012年10月23日下午2:39 
I think they just fixed the game a bit...I was able to get on a few minutes ago.
ElectroRobotic 2012年10月23日下午6:31 
Sign in again, always works out
CR@ZY K!LL3R #Inc. 2012年10月29日下午1:01 
引用自 ElectroRobotic
Sign in again, always works out
no it doesnt i have done that twice and have even rebooted the pc and took out all the cookies so no this doesnt work this game sucks ♥♥♥ cause it never wants to work... a waste of time
LT JB 2012年11月15日上午8:23 
it wont let me in
masterk2099 2012年11月15日下午1:47 
same here.... :(
RetroGR 2012年11月15日下午7:53 
I have the same problem, after CA just update today I tryed again and it still give's me fits. My friend who plays combat arms but not through Steam does not get this problem so i'm thinking its a Steam problem.
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