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RelaxingShadow Sep 24, 2013 @ 10:22pm
crashing problem ruining the game more then hacking?
I have played combat arms alot,i am a big fan of nexons work but combat arms has soo many problems.
however i feel nexon is not doin g everything they should be doing.
to many people hackers ae the biggest problem with the game,however latley i have been seeing less and less hackers. if this is a problem players can simply leave the lobby and join a new one,so i dont see this as being a huge huge deal. as a free to play game,players should come to expect hackers.
another problem that effects hundreds of hundreds of players is the crashing.
i have no idea what causes this to happen but it effects a huge ammount of the players.
i myself started crashing and left the game for 144 days,when i returned so much was changed,hacking was the high priorty for nexon,everything about the game was changed,new maps,weapons,and gamemodes.
however one thing never changed,the crashing.
i feel that nexon should put this crashing bug as high a priorty as the hacking.
anyone else?
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Atazothhh Sep 26, 2013 @ 8:03pm 
I play CA here and there now but let me tell you 2009 and 2011 were the peak for hackers, with 2011 being when lifetaker dropped and pretty much signifying the death of the game. Nexon did there best CA will never be as it was before and the # of hackers are way down and so are the number of players. Most players like me have moved on the game is dead its not coming back. The crashing isnt a issue for most people now least not for me when i logged on today. Anyway I dont know when you started play CA but anyone who says "THERE ARE SO MANY HACKERS" in 2013 is either a huge hackusator and things everyone cheats or has just started playing and assumes anyone who kills him cheats. Whenever i log on im never OPKED i dont see anyone twitch or fly around in 2011 id see at least 3 - 5 events of this a night when i wasnt grinding fireteam.
rdogc Sep 29, 2013 @ 6:02pm 
This happens to me as well. And something about the Hackers, I saw someone today who comletely lined the floor with health stations and Did that the whole game.
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