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BloodboundDemon Jan 25, 2014 @ 3:24pm
Team Based Group
I'm not trying to waste your time, so I'm sorry if it does. I recently started a group called "Demonized Synergy" and I've already gathered up quite a few people. It's a team based group, so we'll be helping each other have good matches, get achievements, and even get the cards we need (We have a trading forum now!). We'll start setting up matches for the most popular games in the group whenever we have more players. You can also set up your own matches in our "Rally Up" forum. We're all about having fun though. Make sure to read the rules on the group page before joining. If the idea appeals to you, at least check it out. That would be awesome, thanks.

We also share creepypastas in the creepypasta forum if you're a fan of those. If you're not a fan, just don't visit that forum.