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The Noob's Strategy for Leveling Up
The Noob's Strategy for Leveling Up

If you are a Noob, how do you level up in Star Conflict. Well, what are you talking about when you ask this question.

You level up as a pilot just by playing and winning PVE's or PVP's.

You level up with you faction by accepting and completing contracts.

You upgrade your weapons by purchasing or wining new ones in the loot. All ships come with Mark (MK) I eqwuipment. You can buy MK II or premiun weapons and modules (Mods) at the store. When you have enough level with your sub-faction, you will unlock the MK III weapons and mods.\

What about upgrading to a better ship? That's where Synergy comes into play. What is synergy? Well, for the purposes of theis game think of synergy as seat time in the current ship of a class. The more you use and win with a ship, the more synergy you will accumulate. Each ship has a different maximum level of synergy. And the level required to move to the next ship in a class varies. But, don't move on as quickly as you can. Try to max out the synergy for each ship. There is an in game bonus associated with maxing your synergy.
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SpamCamp Aug 20, 2013 @ 12:10pm 
if you tried world of tanks or any other "world of" game you will notice that this one will soon, if not already, be a close copy.
-DarknightK- Aug 20, 2013 @ 5:36pm 
I haven't tried the World of series. I was originally offered to Beta the World of Tanks and chose not to. What's wrong with the world of tanks? People keep throwing that around like it's an insult. But having never played them, I don't get the reference.
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