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Why to get this game...
There's a lot of misinformation when it comes to Star Conflict - but I'm going to say why *I* like the game so much and why you should get it.

It's a 6degree of freedom shooter that requires skill and has a lot of customizability.

The end. That's an itch that... at least for the level of pretty and awesome they packed into this game... other games just don't scratch.

Why not to get the game: Do you want easy mode? This isn't the game for you. It takes a while to get good at this game and the metagame of what's hot/not takes a while to get.

IS it perfectly balanced right now? No. Although I don't remember people saying not to play COD/MW2 because shotgun slugs weren't balanced. They are active and they keep patching so I except it to improve.. plus... it's largely balanced, if not perfectly.

A lot of new players ask the following questions, so I'm just going to answe them in advance:
You can't sell your ships. You don't really own them - it's more of a license to fly that ship. You get blown up alot...

There is no "best" weapon or damage type. EM/Plasma is good against Shield and bad against Hulls. Kinetic/Rail Guns are good against hulls and bad against shields. Thermal/Lasers are equally good/bad against everything.

Of the weapon types there's all kinds of versions, by Tier 4 you have 4 weapons in every class and they're promising more. I HIGHLY reccomend you try all kinds of weapons out and figure out what works best with your play style. There's no right answer and there's multiple builds and what works for another pilot might not work for you because you play differently. Accept that.

The "Pay to Win" Complaint. I have some good stats, I didn't plunk money onto this game until I realized I had played the hell out of it for two solid months. Some of the Pay ships are bizarelly good at VERY specific things (I'm lookng at the Strong and it having a redonk Large Missile bay.... which is... weird...)

However they aren't the "best" ships. There's a Pay Gunship that looks legit cool - it comes with the Steam DLC. If you get it when you get the DLC good for you, it's solid and has great stats. I will still take my free Wolf-M over it.

Since you can't buy skill in being decent at 6d games - don't worry about pay to win. The ships are a nice attaboy to people supporting the game, but they're not OP, just... ever so slightly better than the pay ones.. (Except the Strong... and only in one regard).

I don't know, this game has an active Guild/Corp community. People are generally super nice and helpful and the game is just... fun. There's many modes, there's PVE Coop, there's a lot of strategy once you know how you fly.....

I highly reccomend it. It's Free. You really don't need to spend money on it... and if that is your perception.. relax. 60% of the game takes place at Tier 3. If you're not in Tier 4 when your license runs out... don't worry. No one is playing PVP in T4 anyway.

If you want another license and want to really crank out every race and every faction, buy one.... they're very cheap.

Alright... that's about it. If you've been patient enough to read to this point this is the end.

TL;DR Do you like flying around in space and blowing stuff up? Yes? Get this game. Do you like complaining that a game isn't absolutely perfect and are generally trolly? Don't get this game.

If you're on the fence... try it. Again, it's free. You lose nothing.

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Frenzy May 16, 2013 @ 2:42pm 
Thanks for posting something positive about the game here. Got tired of the whining.
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