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Bron_Sana Mar 18, 2013 @ 6:59pm
What's up with Jericho torpedoes
Why is it everyone keeps saying that Jericho torpedoes damage friendly ships? I know it did when I first started playing, but I've been using a Jericho frigate from rank 2 through rank 9 and noticed that the friendly fire now only affects yourself if detonated too close, and friendly drones. I believe it was changed when they updated the game that torpedoes were affected by flares. So all you people out there who say it does hurt allies...ARE YOU PLAYING AS A JERICHO FRIGATE OR NOT? Two weeks of playing the game, and I think I would've noticed something like that staying around. P.S. I manage to hit allies almost once per game due to stupidity(they fly right in front of me as I launch one) and THEY DON'T GET DAMAGED!!!
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sharkybyte Mar 18, 2013 @ 9:15pm 
they affect allies!!!!! but yeah, I think its a bug or a safety measure that close detonations (i.e those that you just launched) dont have any damage.

But seriously, they affect allies. I swear to God. I have all kinds of frigs from the three factions and yeah, Jericho damages allies.
It's quite nice to have a enemy torpedo fly into the middle of a duel only to finish off his ally and leave me alive.
WNxFluttershy Mar 19, 2013 @ 3:08am 
And ending up with you getting the kill Booyah!
Machivellian Asp Mar 19, 2013 @ 7:43am 
I started out with a Jericho frigate. I kept wondering how we could be losing when I was getting 8-15 kills a match. Then after a long while I realized that I was also killing teammates....I was almost ashamed.

Well, I try to aim better now, so my kill score goes way down.
Bron_Sana Mar 19, 2013 @ 2:37pm 
After a few tests into this matter,(sorry to everyone I've hit with the torpedoes) I have come to this conclusion: in the beginning of a match there is a 10 second invulnerability to damage for all players(also takes place after spawning during matches when you get destroyed), designated by a buff with the image of a skull and wings, which is why I didn't hurt anyone with torpedoes at the start of a match. After that buff ends, and I'm sad to admit DOES damage allies. Having proven myself wrong about the torpedo issue, I hereby apologize for going off about the matter. I really thought it didn't hurt anyone...there should be some sort of warning or something that lets you know if you're going to hit an ally or not.
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Black Raven Mar 19, 2013 @ 7:39pm 
I always run with groups shield/hull heals on my jerico frig, and I don't stand right back and snipe i get close enough to support team, I try not to hit friendlys, but sometimes you got weigh pros and cons, if your sure he will live, its sometimes worth it, just so long as your patching up his wounds.

More than once i see friendly fighter amushed but multiple incerceptora and fighter, and that big boom sent the interceptors to a fiery death and cripples the fighters, then rush in myself to support and pick them off... even tho buddy took lot damage from my missile I still saved him... and healed him afterwards.

Pro's and Con, got to judge the moment.
Shalnark Mar 20, 2013 @ 1:13am 
Yes they do affect allies, not only that all forms of missiles affect / damage your allies aswell, not sure about the tactical nuke/Death ray since I haven't used or tested either extinsively.
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