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-=[DARK]=-Lt.Patx 2012. dec. 29. @ du. 3:39
Buy it! Amazing Story and Characters!
Bought Resonace on GOG a while back and I dont regret paying full Price...a new ,refreshing and conspiracy driven mature Storyline with diverse Characters...the gameplay / puzzle mechanics can be a bit unituitive but nothing major.

Did I mention one of the Characters voices is the narrator from Bastion? That makes it even more awesome ^^

P.S. On GOG theres theres a Bundle on sale today with Resonance, the excellent Gemini Rue, To the Moon and 4 more Adventures for 19.93 Dollar or 15 € ...
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13/3 megjegyzés mutatása
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KippaXicity 2012. dec. 29. @ du. 4:59 
Yes, a fantastic game, one of the best adventure games of recent years. It can be tricky in parts but well worth it.
Sebastian 2012. dec. 29. @ du. 6:43 
Just bought it.....better be good...or I'll bite you all! >:0
Minh Luong 2012. dec. 29. @ du. 8:14 
tearatherflesh eredeti hozzászólása:
Just bought it.....better be good...or I'll bite you all! >:0
Same here. Better be good.
13/3 megjegyzés mutatása
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