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-=[DARK]=-Lt.Patx 29. joulu, 2012 15.39
Buy it! Amazing Story and Characters!
Bought Resonace on GOG a while back and I dont regret paying full Price...a new ,refreshing and conspiracy driven mature Storyline with diverse Characters...the gameplay / puzzle mechanics can be a bit unituitive but nothing major.

Did I mention one of the Characters voices is the narrator from Bastion? That makes it even more awesome ^^

P.S. On GOG theres theres a Bundle on sale today with Resonance, the excellent Gemini Rue, To the Moon and 4 more Adventures for 19.93 Dollar or 15 € ...
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KippaXicity 29. joulu, 2012 16.59 
Yes, a fantastic game, one of the best adventure games of recent years. It can be tricky in parts but well worth it.
Sebastian 29. joulu, 2012 18.43 
Just bought it.....better be good...or I'll bite you all! >:0
Minh Luong 29. joulu, 2012 20.14 
tearatherflesh lähetti viestin:
Just bought it.....better be good...or I'll bite you all! >:0
Same here. Better be good.
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