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Goser 2012年12月29日 14時56分
german subtitles
so will there be german subtitles?
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roh 2012年12月30日 0時53分 
same question here
Goser 2014年6月21日 5時21分 
最近の変更はGoserが行いました; 2014年6月21日 5時21分
dellaciel 2014年7月3日 8時11分 
Unfortunately, there are no official plans to translate the game into other languages.
Doctor Laugh 2014年11月6日 19時32分 
Yes. This came into fashion a while ago. One of the huge downsides of Indigames. Euro-5 Languagesettings havent been used often these days. (Or similar methods)
I often decide to not buy a game cuz of this language-dilemma. Dont get me wrong my english is average enough to work it out, but I only can fall in love with a game in my own language.
This scenario is it what brings me back into "Electro-Stores," buying good old boxed Versions of games. Tripple-A-games have languagebundles often enough too.
Sometimes customers are not fancy to accept tradeoffs like that.

Guess I should delete this game from my wishlist for good.
最近の変更はDoctor Laughが行いました; 2014年11月6日 19時34分
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