smilysmasch 2012年8月18日下午11:12
online coop?
hi wanted to ask if anyone knows if there are ever had an online co-op mode? and new content (dlc) :)?

ps google translate ... sorry ^ ^
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Geoff-Shen 2012年8月23日上午3:31 
Not yet, I'm chinese. I know that company, some of the DLCs are already available in China(not Steam, retail Download version)... and rumors say there will be a online multiplayer update, which will firstly aply on China retail version, then Steam
McAurelius 2012年9月5日上午3:24 
nice thx sheen
H3nrique901 2012年9月21日下午3:34 
Great game, but really need the coop online. I bought the game today and I'm really enjoying it, but would much rather play with a friend.
WitoDinamito 2012年10月8日下午2:14 
so any prpgoress on it?
smilysmasch 2012年10月18日上午4:25 
thx sheen :)
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