123 Casual Player 2013年1月23日 20時38分
How do I unlock PVP?
I beat the campaign in single player but this was never unlocked.

Do I need to beat every level again in co-op mode?
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L'Anonyme 2013年1月24日 1時10分 
no. single player should be enough... hmm...
123 Casual Player 2013年1月24日 15時31分 
Just beat the game again in single player with a new save, still can't PVP.

Any other ways to unlock PVP? Say through a trainer or save file edit?
RedHat 2013年1月27日 20時52分 
I'll get back to you on a week or so, almost done with the co-op but alas my friend might not be back until Sunday.
RedHat 2013年1月27日 20時53分 
Didn't finish the actual single player through...
飞红 2013年1月30日 9時01分 
RedHat 2013年2月6日 12時11分 
Completed the co-op campain, unlocked the VS mode. Kindof a weird requirement to unlock if you ask me.
Olizoli 2013年3月20日 9時44分 
just complet co-op campain
Subarex 2013年3月23日 14時29分 
Yeh I beat the co-op campaign with a friend and unlocked VS if i remember. just here to second that =P
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