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Vinnie Boombots 26/nov/2012 às 7:35
Fully playable with a HOTAS setup?
Is GoF2 playable with a HOTAS stick and throttle controller? Is it FULLY playable or will I need a mouse/keyboard to perform certain functions?
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DynamicRanger 26/nov/2012 às 14:12 
You need the mouse when you land your ship to get new contracts, navigate menus to buy items, etc.. I can't get the axis for my CH Pro Throttle to work properly, so hopefully you'll have better luck than I have.
Vinnie Boombots 26/nov/2012 às 15:19 
Thanks for commenting. I have the cheap Thrustmaster Flight X or whatever it's called, we'll see. If it's no good, I'll just use the xbox controller.
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