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Obeliske 2012年11月24日 16時23分
Identical to the Appstore version?
Is it identical or is oneo f the two versions bigger or anything?
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Obeliske 2012年11月30日 17時26分 
Anybody know?
False Compassion 2012年11月30日 20時44分 
Well you can buy "cash" like you do on Itunes, you must complete the main story to get access to the kaamo club. when you vist the Kaamo its not all lights and dazzle just a basic base. maybe it turns into it after the main story. Now the itunes has the Valkyrie, kaamo club, supernova, and vip card. I dont see any of this yet i guess you must complete the main mission first
Stratege 2012年12月4日 9時20分 
PC version don’t have DLC so currently Appstore are bigger than PC one.
Obeliske 2012年12月4日 23時11分 
Thanks Strat much appreciated
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