ryankatora 5. marras, 2012 13.25
Already purchased on Appstore
Is it possible to activate it for Steam? Looks like the same game
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flamedance58 5. marras, 2012 14.22 
No. This is for PC. Yours is for the iPhone/Tablet.
ryankatora 5. marras, 2012 18.49 
Yes I know mine was for the iPhone/iPad; otherwise I wouldn't have stated it was purchased on the Appstore. I was hoping since I already paid $20 for it on the AppStore, I could just activate it on steam and not have to pay another $20. I have been able to activate other games which I purchased outside of Steam on Steam and download them.
buehrmar96 6. marras, 2012 12.14 
why u should activate an app on steam? O.o

steam is not for iphone, its for pc and MAC
Mellow 8. marras, 2012 4.31 
I dont think either of them are getting the concept of paying twice for the same game.
flamedance58 8. marras, 2012 23.06 
Mellow lähetti viestin:
I dont think either of them are getting the concept of paying twice for the same game.

If you're referring to me I know there's two seperate version and thus the game for the iPad doesn't allow you to install it on the PC for free. I was reitering the fact that he got it for the ipad and not the pc and that thus their not the same thing.


You bought it for the iPad.
You're commenting on the PC version.
iPad games =/= PC games.
Some companies maybe make games for the iPad and whatnot and let you also install it on the PC but not this game.

You have to BUY it again for the PC.

PORTALMANIAC 11. marras, 2012 19.36 
What I believe @Ryankatora was saying is he bought Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD on the Mac app store, and wants to transfer it to steam. Not from the iPad, iPhone or iPod. Sorry, no. Haha. But you can get a virtual computer program and run it on your PC, then play it through there i believe.
ryankatora 12. marras, 2012 13.41 
I do think people are missing the point, the DEV posted on their site they may start allowing save games to be transferred b/w OS, so I'm hoping they'll eventually allow the game to be activated on both. I didn't want to transfer to Steam, I wanted to activate on Steam so I could play on my PC. There are a lot of games you can sign in and your account is preserved between operating systems; regardless of the engine you use to install.
Blade 23. marras, 2012 2.51 
Hello ryankatora,

Galaxy on Fire 2 is available on several platforms and a mobile game in first hand. Even though we did port the game over to the MAC and the PC, you'll unfortunately have to purchase it for any platform you are going to play with.

Currently Galaxy on Fire 2 is available for the following platforms/devices:

Galaxy on Fire 2 SD - iOS (iPad/iPhone/iPod) via the App Store
Galaxy on Fire 2 HD - iOS (iPad/iPhone/iPod) via the App Store
Galaxy on Fire 2 THD - Android/Google Play Store (only for Tegra powered devices)
Galaxy on Fire 2 Xperia PLAY - Google PLAY Store (only for the Sony Xperia PLAY)
Galaxy on Fire 2 HD - Kindle Fire HD/Amazon App Shop
Galaxy on Fire 2 HD - BB PlayBook/BlackBerry App World
Galaxy on Fire 2 HD - Samsung App Store (Samsung Galaxy S III and Note)
Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD - MAC/App Store
Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD - Windows/Steam and Origin

Best regards,

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