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Elazul 2012年10月22日 8時28分
Will I like this game?
I am a big fan of freelancer and just started playing Darkstar One which I also am enjoying. Would I like this game as well? How fleshed out is the game also? I understand it is originally an iOS game which I am somewhat leery over purchasing.
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RogueMason 2012年10月22日 9時01分 
Well, the storyline is short, maybe completable in 2 hours or something, unlike Darkstar One which is something like 20 hours to complete (?). However, considering it was originally an iPad game, it is very good. There seems to be greater customisation than Darkstar One too, not least in the fact that you can have a different ship to the one you start in. There are LOTS of weapons and missiles/bombs, and different types of shields, armour, mining equipment, and so on. So, greater customisation in my opinion.
The playable region isn't anywhere near as big as Darkstar One though, with about 20 systems to explore as opposed to, what, 300 in D.O.? However, each system has multiple stations, mine-able asteroids, and risk-factors. Each station also has a level of development, and various missions available, guns-for-hire, etc. You can also buy blueprints off some people that you then build with various parts, and the result is generally Uber.
Anyway, having played both, I can say that GoF is just a scaled down, less-cheesy, third-person version of DO, so you may well enjoy it.
ARandmGuy 2012年10月25日 4時07分 
awwww those were the days of freelancer....still one on my favourite games
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