Galaxy on Fire 2™ Full HD

Galaxy on Fire 2™ Full HD

ElPenorGrande 2012年9月13日上午9:22
X Games
Complete ripoff from the x series of games, which are much better than this.
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Solaire of Astora 2012年9月13日上午11:09 
My friend, then you forgot that platform this game originally came from...
Ghost 2012年9月13日下午1:57 
X series ? This is more like Freelancer or Darkstar One.
Hairy Goober 2012年9月13日下午2:30 
Nowhere near what the X games are. Those excel in the areas this one doesn't much deal with, and totally fail in those it does, if you ask me.
lordkjellboy 2012年9月14日下午8:44 
Just think for a second:
It was originally a javagame in 3D
Later got ported to iOS and after to Android
Then came the port to MAC and later PC

Just go to their official forums to suggest what they can do to improve your experience with this game.
Matter 2012年10月1日上午4:19 
i remember playing the first GOF on my cellphone 6 years ago and it was very similar to GOF2 in gameplay. definately not a ripoff of any other game (although it does share some aspects with freelancer)
BurningTofu 2012年10月6日下午8:12 
Ripoff claims are useless in most cases. Since doom, all FPS games were labeled Doom clone until quake or unreal broke that barrier. Unfrotunately, young gamers now missed out on many good space sims I don't blame them for having inept knowledge in this genre.
Blade 2012年10月11日上午5:24 
Hello guys,

Galaxy on Fire 2 has been inspired by the oldschool games "Freelancer", "Privateer" and "Wind Commander", but it has his own gameplay and style at all. In addition, you should keep in mind that the game is originally a mobile game with has been ported over to the PC due to our fan feedback.

Best regards,

Solaire of Astora 2012年10月11日上午9:08 
And now the new made fans demand the DLC :P lol (first time I learned about this game was thx to Steam)
Herabec 2012年11月1日下午8:37 
Complete rip off of space invaders if you ask me
llamaface 2012年11月3日下午6:51 
great wee game. i just want the dlc
mageenie 2012年11月12日下午4:57 
the forums on the game's official site are a great place to get info about things like dlc. are people just lazy, or do they lack deductive reasoning?
this game is abit like the X-series Visually but gameplay wise it's no where near.
BDO 2012年11月23日下午3:32 
I have over 1,000 hours logged in X3: Terran Conflict (to say nothing of X3: Reunion before that), and I'm still eyeballing this game as a potential purchase. Just from the videos, it looks a lot more arcade-like. X3 is heinously deep and complicated, which is fun sometimes, and this looks more "pew pew," which is fun at OTHER times. In short, I can see a place for both types of games.

Besides, ALL these space games have sprouted from the earliest examples like Elite. (There's a ship in X3 called the "Elite" which was a deliberate homage.) No need to accuse anyone of ripping anyone off. :)

Besides.... $4.99 on GMG right now, minus the 25% off that they're running at the moment... hard to go wrong for $3.74.
PaulH 2012年11月24日上午2:09 
引用自 BDO

Besides.... $4.99 on GMG right now, minus the 25% off that they're running at the moment... hard to go wrong for $3.74.

Yup, just purchased this deal on Greenman Gaming, cmon for a price of a burger you get a decent looking space game and I'm sure it will last longer :P
最后由 PaulH 编辑于; 2012年11月24日上午2:10
Scorcher24 2012年11月26日上午3:24 
How is it a ripoff? I am a very big X fan myself and I don't see how it is a ripoff.
And you know X is a ripoff of Elite from the C64 right?
Anyway, this whole "ripoff" thing is stupid anyway.
Don't be one of those people ;)
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